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Johnny's Jr Fanfiction
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About jrs_fanfics

Hello and welcome!
This is community is dedicated to fanfiction about Johnny's Juniors, whether from the Kanto or Kansai side of things. ♥!

xbettox creator

What goes here

This is a place to post fanfiction and fanart about Johnny's Juniors. As long as the main character is currently a Johnny's Junior (or left without debuting), it is welcome. Cameos by debuted Johnny's and everyone else are accepted, as long as the focus is on Juniors. Any genre is fine, too.


• No sexually explicit content featuring Jrs under the age of 16!
• NC-17 fiction has to be friendslocked.
• No linking to fics/art outside LJ
• Fanart and manipulations are welcome, no graphics.
• Use tags! As many you can, it's easier for readers to find what they're looking for.
(If you need a group tag and it doesn't exist, please don't hesitate to drop me a note!)


Please include following information in your post:
- Title
- Characters or pairing
- Rating
- Warnings
(Optional are summary, word count, genre, disclaimer e.g.)
The story itself goes behind a cut or link to your journal; fiction banners please behind the cut.

Q & A

-Can I re-post old fiction?
Yes, of course! Tag it properly, please.

-What about fiction about senpais when they were juniors?
No. There are other communities for them.

-Can I write about Ayukawa Taiyo, Iida Kyouhei, Matsumoto Kouhei, Jimmy Mackey?
No sorry, only current Jrs.

-What when somebody debuts?
Old fic remains, new won't be accepted.

-Can I link to memes?
Only memes that have anything to do with Juniors! Others will be deleted

-How do I search more than one tag?
It's easy but you have to type in the url bar and it has to be exact.
Separate the tags with a comma and add ?mode=and at the end.
Ex: .com/tag/u: a.b.c-z,r: pg-13?mode=and

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