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Johnny's Jr. Fanfiction Fest!

What is this?
It's not exactly an exchange, since you're not obliged to write a fic even if you request one. Anyone can request, as many prompts as they want, but just because you request doesn't mean you will get a fic written. This is all just for ballin' some ideas to our writers, get them busy.

You don't have to comply to a request to submit a fic. If you've been sitting on a fic for some time and want to include it in the fest, go ahead.


When requesting I expect you to be very informative, be it specific or open. Either way I want you to state what is OK and what is not.

Example, for romance it's very important to state what you like. (If it matters!)
Relationship status (Friends with benefits, established relationships or falling in love), angst level, Pwp or Plot, sex or no sex, safe sex, top/bottom order, actual intercourse or other smut.

Your requesting form


1. Fic must be at least 500 words or more. There is no maximum word count.
- For the Reward challenge, fic must be at least 2 000 words or more.

2. Fic should be beta-read. Preferably. If you can't find a beta-reader, contact me and I will help.

3. Fic must be in English. Proper grammar and spelling. Your spell check and beta-readers are your friends.

4. A minimum of 1 character in your fic must be a Johnny's Jr. A junior must always be the main or the next supporting character. (Saying, you are still allowed to write Fujigaya/Hokuto from Fujigaya's pov)
- You are also allowed to depict your Jr as their drama character, and even pair them with a non johnny. As long as your Jr is one of the 2 main characters in the fic.

5. Ratings can vary from G to NC-17, anything is welcome.

6. You MUST use warnings. Disturbing situations, triggering content, all sexual situations and kinks. Better be annoying than to traumatize someone.

6. Any character in your fic who are participating in sexual activities MUST have turned at least 16 in real life (preferably 18 for the explicit stuff) by the time of posting.

7. Absolutely no rape fics. No exceptions.

8. If you depict any Johnny's boy in a bad way, as a bad guy, or just as behaving badly, and you think might it offend a fan. Use warnings. This doesn't mean you're allowed to shamelessly bash someone, use common sense ok?

9. If your request gets written, you are expected to comment on it.

10. Linking to your own journal is still ok when posting.

Reward Challenge

You can also sign up for the reward challenge. That means if you manage to write a fic longer than 2k, you are eligible for a reward. The reward will vary to fit your liking the best, but it will consist of; graphics (like icons, wallpapers, banners) or small drabbles of your own choosing.
When you post your fic, you must include your word count, state your reward request at the bottom of your fic, what you would like as a reward and of whom.
Example: Tanaka Juri wallpaper (resolution), or Yasui/Taiga drabble.
You will only get 1 reward but you can request several to help me and my colleague with some inspiration.

If you are trying for the reward challenge, please state so in the comment section so we will know how much to expect. If you can't finish the challenge, don't worry. The only thing that happens is you won't get your reward.

DEADLINE: January 3rd 2015.
Your fic must be beta-read and ready for posting, I will put the community posting to moderated and I will approve everyone's fics periodically. (Don't want to clog up everyone's feed)
Please put "For JJFF" somewhere before the cut so I know for sure it's supposed to be part of the Fest.
Any fics posted before January 3rd 2015 will not be considered to be part of the Johnny's Jr. Fanfiction Fest.



Can I write more than one fic?
- Yes, however you can only get Reward Challenge for 1 fic
even if you have 2 or more that qualifies.

Is the fic supposed to be a surprise?
- Whatever you want, surprise or no surprise. Doesn't matter.

Can I start writing now?
- Yes

Ps. Please share this to anyone you might think will be able to participate. Be it tumblr, twitter or just message them on Skype/line whatever. The more the merrier :)
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