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(fic) One Spin

Title: One Spin
Characters: Kyomoto Taiga/Tanaka Juri/Matsumura Hokuto/Morita Myuto/Abe Aran/Yasui Kentaro/Nagatsuma Reo/Iwamoto Hikaru/Miyadate Ryota/Watanabe Shota (It's an orgy so no I won't start listing all the pairings, find out yourself :P)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP
Warnings: orgy, bondage (mhhh...did I forget sth, this still feels not enough for my usual warnings^^")
Summary:When Yasui invites the others over, everyone knows exactly what the invitation means. And how bad could it be? Spin the bottle was just a harmless game after all, wasn't it?
Notes: I wrote this whole thing in the train and the next day in the car, so no this is nothing special or complicated or detailed. I just came up with this stupid idea out of nowhere and with some help from chained_akame regarding the right members for this orgy everything ended up like it is now! But as I said it's nothing special....and as always: be prepared for spelling/grammar mistakes!

One Spin
Tags: g: pwp, r: nc-17, t: one-shot
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