stormy1990 (stormy1990) wrote in jrs_fanfics,

[fic] Aftermath (one-shot)

Pairing: Kyomoto Taiga/Tanaka Juri, Kyomoto Taiga/Matsumura Hokuto, Tanaka Juri/Matsumura Hokuto
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP
Warnings: threesome, non-con tendencies, riding, double penetration
Summary: Taiga had so much work over the summer that he needed to concentrate on work nonstop, but when all concerts and stage play were finally done Hokuto and Juri didn’t see a reason anymore to leave Taiga alone and they still have to pay him back for the way he had made them feel over the whole summer thanks to his summer stage and Shonentachi performances. The question was if Taiga was aware of what he had done to them in the first place and if he could deal with the aftermath.

Tags: g: pwp, r: nc-17, t: one-shot, u: sixtones
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